"Portrait of a Heathland" by Brian M.Rogers

Portrait of a Heathland" has been a project that combined our ProRes4000 scanning with book design and print management. It has been a real pleasure to work closely with the photographer and author Brian Rogers. Brian has a wealth of fascinating experiences from his extensive travels around the world, but his knowledge and passion for his local area shine through in this book.

“Portrait of a Heathland“ is a portfolio celebrating the landscapes and wildlife of three lowland heath reserves lying within the South Downs National Park in southern England. The essence of the book lies in the photographs which illustrate many facets of this beautiful environment with its specialised plant-communities. It describes the lives and behaviour of some of the iconic animals and birds that live there, and also shows several ways in which their environment is being preserved.

Although the emphasis is photographic, the aim is to provide the general reader with information about heathland ecosystems by means of an integrated text supported by expanded captions for the pictures. It contains an opening chapter on the development of heaths, their later usage, and their conservation and management, and then progresses into chapters on the separateseasons to show what the careful observer may encounter at different times of the year.

Brian Rogers is a retired Hampshire GP who has always had an interest in Natural History, especially in birds. He as travelled widely in pursuit of a passion for wildlife photography and placed images with an agency for over thirty years, specialising in tropical rainforest life. He is an award winning photographer who has written and illustrated articles for nature magazines and has joined three international botanical expeditions. This recent heathland project, close to home, has given him particular pleasure.

"The book has had a long gestation, but this final portfolio owes a very great deal to the experience and expertise of Niall Irvine and Perspectives. My first contact with Niall came about after a recommendation from Niall Benvie, who suggested Perspectives as the ideal company to provide scans of the transparencies I wished to publish. High resolution scans followed, I was sent a copy of the 2012 Portfolio Yearbook of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards and loved the quality and layouts, so asked Niall if he would consider taking on my portfolio as a 'toe in the water' publishing venture for me.

"Once formats were agreed and costs estimated, the publication became a huge pleasure, with long 'phone discussions and a great deal of laughter. We really saw eye to eye from the start and Niall became a sympathetic, knowledgable and reliable guide through all of the publishing process. I knew what I wanted in terms of basic appearance, layout and quality, and Niall's experience and sympathetic appraisal adjusted these requirements into a practical form and eventual 'product'. There was an air of efficiency, deadlines were always met, and all my requests accommodated. I am delighted with the result and know that Niall too takes pride in his achievement. I could not have picked a person better attuned to my needs, and the day I spent with him and Jacqueline working on the final 'proof' really cemented our friendship. I could never have made a better choice." -

Brian M. Rogers

"Portrait of a Heathland" was launched in May 2015 at an event at One Tree Books in Petersfield, Hampshire, and copies are available to buy from http://www.onetreebooks.com

Portrait of a Heathland