Design website & digitise books for Banffshire Field Club

We are proud to have worked with the Banffshire Field Club on the digitisation of its published Transactions to create searchable online documents and to have designed its website to allow access to these and other Club resources. There is a wealth of knowledge in the Banffshire Field Club's archive, and in its current committee and members. Almost 140 years on from the Club's foundation, the new website and discussion forum is an exciting development to encourage people to engage with the fascinating history of Banffshire.

"When the Banffshire Field Club decided to digitise 6000 pages of talks given between 1880 and 1940 and make them available free of charge on a new and much more sophisticated website which would also include many other features, we did not know where to begin. None of us had anything approaching the skills required to get close to producing the quality and range of features we aspired to. On asking the Special Collections section of Aberdeen University Library for recommendations for companies which specialised in digitisation of heritage documentation and production of websites for heritage organisations, they suggested we approach the husband and wife team of Niall and Jacqueline Irvine who run Perspectives in Slains, just north of Aberdeen. We did so, and this proved to be the best decision we could have made.

The task of digitisation, including an element of proof reading and OCR, proved monumental, but was completed by Jacqueline more quickly and accurately than we could have hoped, while Niall constructed a complex but simple to manage website, tailored to our requirements. This allows the BFC team to manage a website which has a great deal of varied information available, together with a number of interactive features. Most of the discussion over the website was with Niall, and he went beyond our original concept by suggesting a variety of additional features and enhancements to those we had originally requested. In every case his suggestions improved the quality of our website.

The BFC has ended up with a website including digitised historic documents which is far superior to that which we initially envisaged. This is entirely due to the expertise and professionalism of Perspectives proprietors Niall and Jacqueline, but also due to their warm personal qualities and friendly support. They were on our side in many ways which could not be prescribed in our contract. Finally, and importantly, the invoice they sent was moderate in the extreme. If in future we have any other requirements across the full width of the IT field we will go back to Jacqueline and Niall, without hesitation or reservation".

John Aitken
Banffshire Field Club Vice-Convener and Chair of the Publications Sub-committee

View the Banffshire website here.