Design website & photograph the Museum objects.

We were asked by Banff Preservation and Heritage Society and Museum of Banff to create a new website and to photograph (including 360 degree photography) the objects on display within the museum to give website visitors a taste of the museum while it was closed through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The website was designed to incorporate a search facility, object description cataloguing, 360 degree viewer and a zoom facility. The website is content-rich combining the history and activities of the society and museum with a fresh, modern visual aesthetic.

View the BPHSMOB website here.

"In March 2020, just as we were opening up the Museum of Banff fully for the summer season, the world changed. Instead of opening extra days during the week, the museum was closed. At first we thought for a few weeks or a month or two – as we know, in 2021, returning to normality is taking time. As the year progressed, along with other institutions worldwide we looked at ways of moving our collection online, to allow people to access it, to promote the museum and publicise the work of Banff Preservation and Heritage Society.

Around this time Museums Galleries Scotland launched their Recovery and Resilience fund and we explored the idea of developing a new website which would promote our museum and history, keep our work in the public eye, allow a new audience to interact with us and hopefully attract new members.

We applied for a grant and looked around for a suitable website developer. After some consideration, we decided to ask Perspectives of Ellon to develop our digital project. We had seen great examples of their work and were impressed with the features offered.

After discussions about the aims, structure and content needed, we embarked on the project. Weekly meetings with Niall gave us opportunities to develop the website and make the most of the opportunity provided. Updates were shared and any adjustments needed were made.

The most exciting part of the project was the collection going online. Niall photographed the collection and where appropriate, objects were photographed to give 360 degree rotations. A zoom feature allows website users to examine features that are not visible to the eye, even when actually visiting the museum.

The website was completed and fully online by mid-July and officially launched on 29th July. The results are amazing. We have a fully functioning website, offering the visitor a huge amount of detail about the Society and contact details for a number of platforms that we interact with.

Most amazing has been the rediscovery of details of our museum collection. Fine detail such as makers’ marks or fine map details and carvings on objects can be seen in perfect clarity. 360 degree rotation of objects allow us to view, previously unseen aspects of objects.

Feedback from the public has been great – the number of people contacting us through the website has increased our reach and visitors to the museum, which has now reopened, have commented on how they had seen a particular object on the website and wanted to view it in real life".

Mhairi McKean
Banff Preservation and Heritage Society and Museum of Banff

View the BPHSMOB website here.

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